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Dear Family Table Time Family: 

Your April and May printable content in English and Spanish are available at no charge for immediate download!  The Family Table Time weekly content is in our Ready, Set, Connect format.  The weekly content will only take a few minutes to read through.  Every template is adjusted into a page and can be printed easily. The documents can be opened with any word
processing software application. 

Start family journey by downloading the instructions below.

Instructions - English

Instructions - Spanish

Talking Torch

Recommended order of April character values:

Week 1: Attitude

Week 2: Talent

Week 3: Environment

Week 4: Trust 

Recommended order of May character values:

Week 1: Gratitude

Week 2: Sacrifice

Week 3: Family

Week 4: Accomplishments

Week 5: Politeness 

Click on the week's lesson above to download the pdf.

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Congratulations again for choosing to join together around your family table and thank you for letting Family Table Time be a part of your ongoing family conversation. 

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To your family success, 

Jill and Neal Kimball 

Family Table Time

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